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No More Stubble Or Razor Burn

Laser Hair Removal Phoenix:

Diolaze is the new champion in the laser hair removal arena. Diolaze is the FIRST high speed diode hair removal system to deliver uncompromised power and pulsing to tissue (30J/30msec up to 40J ) with high speed (4 cm2/sec) in the same session. Diode scanning technology and built in safe guards provide a unique combination of high tech sophistication with speed, efficacy and safety. Technicians can benefit from this first and only combination of speed, efficacy, safety and comfort to optimize their hair removal revenue. Don't wait another minute to get rid of unwanted hair with our laser hair removal Phoenix!

Specials: Small areas (bikini, back of neck, underarms, lip/chin) are $55

Medium areas (brazilian, Full Arm, Half leg) are $150 

Large areas (Full Back, Full Leg) start at $200 and up. 

Laser Hair Removal Package: 6 treatments or more are 20% off


Tired of the stubble? Fresh Start Aesthetics laser-hair removal technology is the new champion in the laser hair removal arena. It is proven to give you smooth, stubble-free skin. Because we keep up with the newest, most advanced technology, laser hair removal is faster, more effective and virtually pain-free.

How it works

During treatment, we use a laser that produces a larger beam of highly concentrated light. The light emitted is well absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicles. During the procedure, the laser pulses for a fraction of a second, allowing the hair to absorb the light and heat up.
As it heats up, the hair shaft and bulb are damaged which significantly impedes its ability to re-grow. With the large spot size, the process treats numerous hair follicles simultaneously, making the treatment much faster than traditional laser hair removal alternatives.

At any given time, individual body hairs are in different growth stages. In order for laser hair-removal treatments to be effective, hair must be in the active growth stage. This is why multiple laser hair treatments are required to capture the individual hairs when they are in the growth stage.

We treat the following areas:

  • The face, including: ears, nose, upper lip, chin, cheeks, sideburns, and neck. We do not recommend eyebrow shaping, however, we can treat the area between the eyebrows, or the “unibrow;”

  • The arms, including: underarms, forearms, upper arms, and shoulders

  • The legs, including: the full leg, thighs, and lower leg

  • The feet, including: the upper foot, and toes

  • The torso, including: the full back, upper back, chest, and abdomen

  • The pubic region, including: the bikini line, full Brazilian.


  • Apply an ice pack or cold compress to the treated area to help reduce redness and swelling (can last from one hour to 48 hours).

  • Apply a minimum SPF-30 sunscreen (UVA/UVB) to protect against sun exposure for a minimum of one week.

  • Do not use tanning beds or expose unprotected skin to sun between treatments.

  • Apply makeup and deodorant with caution. Spot-test all products for 12-24 hours before full application.

  • Be advised that treated hair can take one to two weeks to be excreted from the body, and to fall out.

  • Feel free to shave between treatments.

  • Do not wax, thread, tweeze, or use depilatory products—this will remove the hair follicles, making it impossible to remove the hair with laser.

  • Do not exercise; take hot showers, or use hot tubs or saunas for 12-48 hours.


New technology is capable of giving over 80-90% or better permanent reduction for ALL skin types, male and female, for ALL parts of the body, except around the eyes. The number of sessions needed to achieve these results can vary from person to person depending on many factors such as age, skin type, amount of hair, hair color, hair texture, and hormonal balance.
Most people will need 3 to 6 treatments. In some areas, such as the legs, faster results will be achieved. Within three treatments, at least 50 percent of your hair will be gone. Within six treatments 90 percent, or higher, results will be achieved.

You can expect similar results for the bikini area, under the arms, on the arms, and the facial and chest areas. The back area of men is usually more challenging and may take a few extra treatments.

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