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Lumecca by Inmode


Fractora by Inmode



Lumecca by Inmode

Special Pricing: 

Photofacial (IPL): $199 or a package of three for $500
IPL Hand Treatment: $99

Photofacial (IPL): $199 or a package of three for $500

How it works:

Lumecca uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to selectively target and treat skin conditions through selective photothermolysis. Optimized for light and dark skin, Lumecca increases the potential for clinicians to treat a variety of skin types and conditions ranging from facial pigmentation, superficial vessels, skin texture and/or photo-damage. Find out how Lumecca can work to help you become the very best you can be with its Laser and Light Therapy Phoenix! Schedule your appointment with Fresh Start Aesthetics.



  • High efficiency of vascular and pigmented lesions due to high peak power and optimized output.

  • Complete photorejuvenation in as little as 1 or 2 treatments versus 4-6 with standard IPL's

  • Reduction in clinician treatment time from large treatment spot size and high pulse repetition rate

  • Improved patient comfort (no pain) and safety from strong sapphire cooling tip

  • Fast pulse repetition rate at all settings

Fractora by Inmode

Fractora delivers targeted bipolar RF energy to various selectable depths in the skin. Fractora meets and exceeds the results of fractional CO2 without the associated downtime, prolonged redness, and pigmentation drawbacks. Fractora achieves full-scale treatment depths with customizable fractional energy to improve superficial skin tone problems (photo damage) to deep textural concerns (rhytids and tightening). Clinicians can select between variable depths, densities and energy levels for results that were previously unattainable without excisional surgery.


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  • Comparable results to the best fractional CO2 laser on moderate and deep wrinkles

  • Safe to treat neck and other areas with profound contraction

  • Safe on ethnic skin with little risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) which is common with CO2

  • All this with less downtime or risk of adverse reactions compared to the best fractional CO2 lasers

  • Multiple settings mimic aggressive fractional CO2, Er: YAG, IR laser and deep (dermal/sub-dermal) volumetric heating

  • Tips with various depths and pin density configurations




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