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There are many options in the world of skincare, especially when it comes to feeling and looking refreshed, glowing, and beautiful. Microneedling is a great treatment that can help you reach your goals.

To help you decide if microneedling is a treatment appropriate for your skin, please read our frequently asked question guide. Then call and make your next skincare treatment at our med spa.

What exactly is medical micro-needling?

Known as both micro-needling and microneedling, this is a skincare procedure that boosts skin cell renewal, removes wrinkles, and breaks down old scar tissue.

How does this treatment work?

The technique is quite simple. Our esthetician will use an electric skin-needling device that contains a number of very fine needles. This process signals the skin to repair itself with more collagen, boosting both the healing process and collagen production in your face. The end result is a much younger, more refreshed look and feel to your skin.

What skin care issues can be treated with this procedure?

This procedure has been known to help diminish the appearance of mild acne scarring, discoloration, sun spots, and even mild wrinkles. As a whole, wrinkles can be divided into two categories: fine surface lines created by UV light and deep furrows caused by muscle contraction, and micro-needling has been said to work wonders for the former of the two.

What will it look like after the treatment?

The typical symptoms post-treatment include redness and mild swelling, something that is very similar to a slight sunburn. The skin will look noticeably smoother and more radiant in as little as one week, and you will likely see the full results within a month.

Microneedling is a great procedure that can really rejuvenate your entire appearance. If you are looking to put your best face forward, book your appointment today at Fresh Start medical Spa.


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