The Turkey Neck Blues


It’s fair to say that turkeys are not the most attractive creatures. A sagging neck can really reveal our age. Heredity can play a role in turkey necks. Often, it’s part of the aging process and the fact that skin loses its elasticity.

The lack of oil glands on your neck can cause dryness around the neck. As a result, this can often accelerate the appearance of the aging process. Neck skin also has a tendency toward laxity. This area is know to be delicate. And it can show wrinkles and aging faster than the face.

With aging comes the distinct possibility of the development of the infamous turkey neck. This is because as our bodies age we lose the elasticity in our skin. Not to mention the fact that if an older person loses weight it really causes their turkey neck to stand out. The flat and thin muscle over the front of our neck is responsible for the turkey neck. It starts off in life strong and relatively tight, but with time, it’s fibres begin to pull apart. These gaps that develop in the muscle cause the neck to lose its tightness.

Is There Anything You Can Do?

Posture has a big impact. When you tip your chin towards your chest again and again, you will add horizontal lines to your neck. Hunching over your desk or laptop all day with rounded shoulders will make your neck look older. Keep your computer screen at eye height.

Years of sunlight can break down collagen fibers and cause your skin to lose that youthful appearance. So, like other parts of your skin, sun can really damage your skin. The most important product to apply to your neck and chest is sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. In this way, sun damage can be minimized.


Of course, your diet and nutrition are contributing factors. Try to maintain a lean body mass. This will go a long way to creating the ideal situation for preventing turkey neck.

And hydrate your skin as much as possible. In fact, make hydration a part of your skin regime and add your neck area to this routine. Just one more reason to drink lots of water. Losing weight and eliminating excess water weight will help reduce the appearance of a turkey neck.

Of course, Botox can also make an ageing neck look more youthful. The muscle that spreads from the chest up to the neck and the jaw is called the platysma. As you age, it separates into rope-like bands, creating a turkey neck. Botox relaxes those areas, thereby creating a firmer jaw and eliminating the prominence of the turkey neck.

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