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Have you experienced red skin, flakiness, rough skin, cracking skin that leads to blood loss at times? These are symptoms of suffering from excessive dry skin. You can once again have a more bright and vibrant look to your skin if you care for it properly. Anyone can suffer from dry skin issues, but it seems to happen with women more often than men, and elderly people seem to be afflicted with it as well.

Although the most common area for dry skin is the legs, other common locations are the back, flanks, abdomen, waist, arms and hands. Footwear can make a big difference, and your feet may suffer from dryness from your choices in this area. Wearing shoes and socks after bathing keeps moisture on the feet, thus promoting dry skin relief.

Dry skin problems can be a direct result of open footwear. People who have dry skin sometimes have it as a result of another medical issue such as end stage renal disease, obstructive biliary disease, neurological disorders, malignancies, or patients who have radiation treatments.

Dry Skin Side Effects

The skin is the largest organ that covers most of the body and constantly comes in contact with clothing, chemicals, soaps, extreme temperatures as well as all ranges of moisture and dryness. If dry skin becomes a bigger problem due to neglect, then it can become severe enough to cause other health issues. Dry skin has many consequences:

Skin can crack and become red because of the lack of hydration in the outermost layer. This can cause scaling and flaking on the skin. The skin will feel more rough and scratchy. As cracked skin deepens, the cracks form fissures. Bleeding is a result of the erosion caused by fissures that are increasing in size. The urge to scratch the skin is sometimes hard to resist, but it can cause problems like infections for people with eczema. External chemicals and substances can be absorbed through the skin which can make the fluid inside lose electrolytes and have other effects on the body, so protect your skin which help keep you healthy.

Are you experiencing any of the symptoms of excessive dry skin? We can provide treatment for dry skin.

Reasons and Other Kinds of Solutions

The skin is the primary contact point between the body and the external environment. There are several causes for dry skin and home remedies for dry skin:

  • The air in the room will become dryer with air conditioning on, as the moisture from the room is reduced.

  • Skin can become dryer as natural oils are reduced by steamy showers. Cleanse in cool water with quick showers as opposed to hot baths.

  • Choose your soaps and cleansers wisely, use mild products. Moisturizing fragrance-free soap should be utilized for cleansing mildly.

  • Too much friction will promote dryness and deteriorate the skin. When washing, be gentle and only utilize a soft cloth or even just your hands.

  • Towels after a shower will remove a lot of the moisture from your skin. To create a moisture seal on your skin, after shower leave some moisture on your skin, and use a good quality lotion to moisturize it.

  • As part of the aging process, hormone levels change and the skin becomes thin and parched.

  • Winter is a peak time for dry skin. As temperatures decrease, the humidity goes down as well which causes parched skin. You can combat this by using a humidifier in your home to add moisture to the air.

  • Go with detergents and fabric softeners that are mild to the skin with no strong scents, and keep away from rougher fabrics. Wear clothes made of natural, soft fabrics and use products that indicate they are fragrance-free and dye-free.

People have a wide variety of choices to help improve their appearance, including rejuvenating creams and lotions, skin peels and other treatments, which can help the skin look younger and refreshed. We recommend daily skin care toward the preservation of beautiful, youthful-looking skin.

The key to treating dry skin is to monitor your health, as scaly red skin can also be symptomatic of other ailments, such as dermatitis, psoriasis, diabetes or under-active thyroid. If the condition persists, consult a doctor and get the professional expertise to help your skin rejuvenate and glow.

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