Laugh Lines are no Laughing Matter


Sharing a laugh with your friends and family is one of the most effective ways of releasing tension, especially when things are difficult.

Studies have shown that the immune system is also boosted from laughter, and we all know how much it elevates our mood already. It keeps your heart healthy and removes stress from your body. Since laughing does so much good for the body, is it possible that too much laughter could cause any issues?

Laugh lines, and noticeable deep grooves and wrinkles are a major concern to people who have had their share of laughter, and their face reflects that. The face can be affected by laugh lines in an area, but usually the deeper grooves are near the eyes, on the forehead, and around the lips.

Luckily enough, you don’t have to run away from those wonderful moments with your friends as there are some easy ways to get rid of such facial laugh lines. Juvederm treatments are an effective treatment option.

Causes of Laugh lines

As people get older, wrinkles and lines in our faces will deepen, but some of the causes are due to choices we make in life. One of the worst things you can do to damage your skin rapidly is smoking. Damage to your veins is caused by smoking, which makes the veins not do their job of distributing blood optimally. Since the skin relies on excellent blood flow through the veins, it is the first organ of the body that will show the negative effects of smoking.

The elasticity and freshness of the skin can also be affected by excessive exposure of the skin to sunlight. Some of the negative consequences to too much sun on the skin is sunburns, premature aging and wrinkles, and the most dangerous consequence is skin cancer. Of note, is the fact that skin cancer is one of the most prominent cancers in women of ages 40 and above.

How do you eradicate the stubborn facial laugh lines?

Having an injectable treatment will reduce facial laugh lines, for those with this issue. After a treatment with injectables, the skin will be smoother and more youthful looking. Some dermal fillers can actually help you fill up those hollow and plump lines on your face and help you create firmer skin. This is one of the most effective and trusted methods for eliminating pesky facial laugh lines. This treatment is extremely effective and patients may not have to schedule any skin enhancement treatment therapy within 5-8 months after this procedure.

We Recommend – Laugh, Live Life, and Enjoy! Enjoy Life!

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