How to Keep Your Skin Looking Ageless

Our skin comes into contact with incredibly damaging forces every day -- the sun, pollution, dryness, extreme heat or cold, and so much more. Our skin can also be a sign of our youthfulness and personal care, as well as a major aspect of our attractiveness. Bad skin can make many people incredibly self-conscious, even though almost 85% of people have had acne or other bad skin issues at some point during their lifetime.

As our body's first defense against germs and other harmful things, skin starts to show the effects of guarding us as we age. Wrinkles are a natural part of life and can be either fine surface lines (caused by exposure to UV light) or deep furrows which come from muscle contraction. Our skin loses some of its elasticity as we age, so if we furrow our brow or frown or smile, lines tend to form there over time. But how can we keep our skin looking ageless?

We have skin care products For That

Fresh Start Aesthetics created a line of skin care products that are pharmaceutical grade. This line created with stem cells and powerful enough to generate results. This game changer is more effective than products you purchase from department stores. Fresh Start skin care line is FDA approved and uses the purest and finest ingredients ensuring therapeutic results and skin you will love.

Visiting a day spa can also be pampering and a little extra treat for your skin when you feel lackluster. With high-quality products, you'll have a wonderful glow in no time!

What If I Need Something a Little Extra?

There are many different treatments that concern themselves with reducing wrinkles and improving the look of your skin. Botox injections are one of the favored treatments and for women over the age of 35, it's the most popular aesthetic procedure. Out of the over 14 million minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures done in 2015, Botox accounted for almost seven million of those.

Other popular treatments include microneedling and fillers, which help with skin rejuvenation and adding plumpness to skin that's gone slack, respectively.

These procedures don't require any major surgery and the recovery time is usually pretty quick. Thousands of men and women get them done each year, so rest assured that you're not delving into uncharted territory on your hunt for perfect skin.

Who Can I Can Consult?

If you're concerned about your skin, or you just want a skin rejuvenation treatment, we have various solutions without undergoing anesthesia or surgical procedures. We invite you to meet with the professionals at Fresh Strar to discuss the possibilities. Please visit our beautiful Phoenix locations and make your appointment to look and feel your very best today!

Contact us to schedule your free consultation at 602-717-0226.

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