Don’t Let your Hands Reveal your Age


So much effort goes into the skin on our faces, the skin on our hands is not a concern?

It’s easy to forget that your hands are actually exposed to the elements as much as your face – even more so, in fact, because your hands are a part of nearly every activity throughout the day.

What’s worse, our hands have thin skin and few oil glands, so they are damaged more easily.

Beauty can once again be restored to your hands!

Make sure you exfoliate often to have attractive, radiant hands. Facial exfoliants work well, as body scrubs are not designed to be as gentle. Definitely hydrate the skin with emollient cream after every treatment – use one that fills between outer skin cells and replaces the oils.

Don’t forget to care for your hands in the evening as well. Massage in a thick, oil-based hand cream or ointment before you go to bed, and cover your hands with cotton gloves. Creams are thicker than lotions and last longer, so the skin on your hands will have time to absorb the moisture while you sleep.

Cover up with gloves. It goes without saying that gloves protect your hands against drying winter cold, but they also shield your skin from sunlight, wind, and other exposure. Gloves for work in the yard or garden are important, too. When you are cleaning or washing up inside, protect your hands from chemicals and detergents by wearing rubber gloves.

Moisturize your hands every time you wash them. Don’t wash your hands too much, as this will dry your skin, and be aware that antibacterial soaps dry out the skin even further. For day-to-day protections, use a lotion that is fast-absorbing and light, which will give the natural moisture barrier in your skin a boost. If you’re someone who does a lot of heavy work using your hands, it’s a good idea to use an oil-based heavier cream when you wake up, and before you go to sleep.

Aging has negative effects on all regions of our skin, but don’t forget your hands as they show aging early. Sunscreen should be at least SPF 15 if you are serious about trying to prevent age spots from being formed.

Your Age is Revealed in Your Hands

If you truly want to know how someone is aging, have a look at their hands, not only their face. There are a lot of cosmetic options for people these days who want to look younger than they are, it’s harder to guess age all the time.

It is not so easy to treat the hands though, and they speak volumes about a person’s age.

The hands change as we get older. Loosening of the skin will occur, and the skin will begin to get thinner. Gradually, wrinkles will begin to deepen, and age spots can form. The good news is that there are options these days that come from the innovations in cosmetic formulas and techniques.

We can have plumper, tighter skin on our hands with the use of fillers – a major improvement in appearance. The skin will be more firm and balanced, and wrinkles will be diminished greatly.

Veins and tendons tend to become more apparent as we age. Fillers fix this by improving the shape of the skin. Results of this procedure are immediate, last as long as the facial option, and it barely takes half an hour.

Another great advancement are more effective methods to remove issues caused by sun-damage like age spots, and to correct uneven skin tone problems. Initially, many of these treatments were invented for facial issues, but they work for hands just as effectively.

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