Dealing With Excessive Sweating


Anger, fear, anxiety, excitement, and general nerves can make us sweat. It’s part of the sympathetic nervous system, or that “fight or flight” response to stress. But when you’re nervous about your sweating, worried that others may think you sweat too much, becoming embarrassed and anxious and sweating more, it might be time to talk to your dermatologist.

A lot of people wonder whether their sweating is abnormal. Excessive sweating is sometimes called hyperhidrosis, and it affects about 1 in 33 people. There are so many external and internal factors at play that the line between normal and abnormal isn’t always clear, though.

Stop Feeling Embarrassed

People should not feel embarrassed or worry if they experience excessive sweating, as there are many other people who share this condition. The medical condition known as hyperhidrosis affects approximately 2-3% of Americans and usually targets the palms or the soles of the feet. It can also occur in the underarms and other areas of the body, however this will most often become noticeable later on in adolescence, whereas the excessive sweating regarding the palms and the feet will occur around the age of 13.

Some people live their entire lives dealing with hyperhidrosis, and it can affect them negatively in numerous ways in their personal or professional lives. Usually, most individuals won’t have a problem recognizing that there may be an issue at hand, as they will find they are sweating much more frequently than normal. No matter the temperature in the air on in the body, sweating can occur at any temperature for hyperhidrosis patients.

Many people nowadays are using Botox to combat this condition, and the underarms are a common region of concern. Botox works by reducing the amount of activity in sweat glands. The effect of the Botox injection can last a maximum of six months and so should be given twice a year in order for the patient to stay worry-free.

Sufferers of hyperhidrosis complain of overactive sweat glands in various parts of the body, especially the armpits, head, hands, and feet. More severe sufferers sweat so much during the day that they need to have spare changes of clothing with them to change into dry clothes periodically. People notice sweat stains quite quickly, so this problem can be pretty frustrating and embarrassing for some people.

This condition negatively affects the social lives of some patients significantly as they choose to participate less socially in general. Social engagements can become stressful instead of joyful as they are supposed to be. For some, this condition can actually lead to a more severe depression, social phobias, and extreme anxiety.

If you’re feeling any anxiety because of excessive sweating, get in touch and we’ll explore and the review the treatment options for you.

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