Age Spots are not Beauty Marks


We all want smooth, unblemished skin and this feeling increases as we grow old and start seeing signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

As the signs of aging become more noticeable, a person can start to have less confidence in their appearance. When this becomes a major concern, a skin peel is a possible answer to this, and for some, it is the best option.

Chemical Peels for Age Spots

A remedy that has a significant effect in order to revive a more youthful skin appearance is a chemical skin peel. The prominence of wrinkles and lines on the face are less pronounced after a chemical peel. Fresher skin will be revealed underneath the peel, getting rid of dead cells and making skin look fresher and cleaner and of course, it will help make wrinkles less significant.

A skin peel will also help to reduce some other types of skin issues like liver or age spots and can reduce the prominence of freckles also. Softer, smoother looking skin will result after a patient goes through the process of getting a chemical peel. Chemical peels also have a very positive effect on people suffering from acne; inflammation will be reduced, and acne will be less prominent.

One of the advantages of the chemical peel over beauty products is that it can be done in one sitting or in a few sessions instead of waiting for results after weeks or months product applications. Also the procedures aren’t as drastic, invasive and permanent as some plastic surgery techniques. A typical skin collagen enhancing cream that can be purchased will usually have only a slight effect, but a chemical peels can have a dramatic effect that is long lasting.

Blemish and Wrinkle-free Skin

Chemical peels are pretty self explanitory; the outermost layers of facial skin are peeled away, promoting new skin growth, and showing the fresher, newer looking skin on top. New, blemish and wrinkle-free skin will cover up and reduce the look of wrinkles and other kinds of blemishes.


A superficial chemical peel is not painful and therefore no pain relief is needed before, during or after the procedure. It is usually recommended that a course of six peels is given one or two weeks apart, to get the best results from superficial chemical peels. The more superficial the peel, the less risk is attached to it.

Recovery Time

For a few days after a skin peel, the side effects are still noticeable. Although rare, hyperpigmentation has been known to be a side effect, and skin in some cases will appear to have a colour change. Pigmenting capability of the skin can be reduced when deep skin peels are chosen, at times.

To make the skin heal more speedily following the procedure, a patient should clean the skin often and moisturize, this will promote healing and stop infections or rashes. It’s not uncommon to recommended applying sunscreen daily prior to the procedure.

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